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“But accolades from the best, shouts from the crowd, acclaim from the media, and compliments from your fans don’t always put food on the table- and contrary to popular belief, neither do millions of Youtube views, Soundcloud streams, and hundreds of thousands of “eh- hem” *free downloads.”
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No one is one dimensional. Chh demands that you be that way. That’s all I will say about that. ever. I will be leading by example.

It should of spoke volumes when your fav rapper cheated on his wife while recording that christian rap album you listen to.

Most people only want to keep it real after they’ve been exposed and then return with the “I’m sorry” album.

A lot of these guys feel that they can’t be vulnerable on the mic, because of that image that they have to keep for the “fans”.

Dudes be scared to retweet a song like “Rare Form” because they want to be safe with their followers/fellow christian rappers.

Do you want the real or not?

To be honest: A lot of guys aren’t ashamed of Jesus, They’re ashamed of themselves. Took me 7 years to learn that.

I’ll say this and give you the real: “It’s not that these chh guys are perfect and they don’t make any mistakes. They just deal with

issues like everyone else. I’ve seen dudes be devastated because they want to change the heart of someone like a “Nicki Minaj” but they

can’t stop watching porn, or better yet, *for mature audiences only* masturbating to her pictures.

this is the real people.” I know this.

I don’t need to say more. Just keep it 100. Don’t be afraid of these guys that may be “watching what your doing”.

now retweet that.

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Something about me. Loyalty.

Loyalty means everything to me. Family is important to me. At my core, I’m an introverted individual so, everyone that I bring around me, I value & trust deeply. I tend to stick to my guns and will do anything and everything to prove my allegiance to those I love. I’ve been in several situations were I had to tolerate things that I hate/despise based on my commitment. I’ve stood through concerts, stood in defense, put my life on the line, hung out at houses, went to events, supported things I could care less for, all in the name of loyalty. But one thing that constantly occurs is that my loyalty will be challenged by something that strongly vexes me to the point where I can’t sleep about it, because I strongly disagree, but the loyalty within me will encourage me to “push through” the things that irritate me. I tend to be an honest person when expressing my feelings to the people I love, and I value my “loyalty” personality trait, but more and more, each day, my loyalty is failing me. I am becoming confused about what loyalty really means. I’m beginning to feel insecure about my loyalty, and how strong I hold on to it. Sometimes I wish I was that person who could look the people that I love in the eyes and lie to them, or tell them “no, I can’t go through with this.” Sometimes I wish that I didn’t really care about loyalty because not everyone sees loyalty the same as I do. I’ve been called “black & white” when it comes to my views on loyalty and that  I leave no room for “exceptions”. I find myself standing up for my friends while they shrink back and keep quiet. I find myself covering all bases (loyalty wise) in my relationships to the point where (compared to others) I’m doing too much. I constantly battle with thoughts like “Should I just hang out with this person that continuously gossips about  my friend?”……….”Should I hold a conversation with this girl that constantly gives me the “googly eyes” every time she talks to me? Despite the fact that I have a girlfriend? Despite the fact that this girl doesn’t have a chance of swaying me away from her? or does she?” Just thinking about those questions makes my stomach turn. I just see things different because I grew up with my older brother, with him telling me secrets, with me getting arrested with him, by his side, tackled by police when I was in the sixth grade. Being in the interrogation room, hearing police officers call him “Bi#%ch” , “Moth^&*#ker” , and other derogatory terms I never thought cops would say. I remember when he would tell me about his dreams that he had, things he wanted to accomplish, and I would sit and listen to him talk for hours, believing in his dreams more than him. I remember all the “don’t tell mom” talks we had, and till this day, I never said a word.

The loyalty that I built with my brother is something that I carry into all of my most precious relationships. I’m just getting to the point where I’m not sure if I should detach myself from loyalty completely or continue to endure thorough more upsets and setbacks.

There is no middle ground for me. 

I’m either in the back of the police car with you.

or I’m driving it. 

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“Detachment produces a peculiar state of mind. Maybe that’s the worst sentence of all, to be deprived of feeling what a human being ought to be entitled to feel.”
James Dickey
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“Anyone who says I have nothing to learn has severely limited themselves in terms of opportunities for doing more, being more, and becoming more.”
Daniel Kish 
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Outkast-inspired Art from Ludzik
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Donation Message.

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