im stressed.

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I need friends.

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“But accolades from the best, shouts from the crowd, acclaim from the media, and compliments from your fans don’t always put food on the table- and contrary to popular belief, neither do millions of Youtube views, Soundcloud streams, and hundreds of thousands of “eh- hem” *free downloads.”
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No one is one dimensional. Chh demands that you be that way. That’s all I will say about that. ever. I will be leading by example.

It should of spoke volumes when your fav rapper cheated on his wife while recording that christian rap album you listen to.

Most people only want to keep it real after they’ve been exposed and then return with the “I’m sorry” album.

A lot of these guys feel that they can’t be vulnerable on the mic, because of that image that they have to keep for the “fans”.

Dudes be scared to retweet a song like “Rare Form” because they want to be safe with their followers/fellow christian rappers.

Do you want the real or not?

To be honest: A lot of guys aren’t ashamed of Jesus, They’re ashamed of themselves. Took me 7 years to learn that.

I’ll say this and give you the real: “It’s not that these chh guys are perfect and they don’t make any mistakes. They just deal with

issues like everyone else. I’ve seen dudes be devastated because they want to change the heart of someone like a “Nicki Minaj” but they

can’t stop watching porn, or better yet, *for mature audiences only* masturbating to her pictures.

this is the real people.” I know this.

I don’t need to say more. Just keep it 100. Don’t be afraid of these guys that may be “watching what your doing”.

now retweet that.

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